Construction Project Management Scheduling Software

Construction Management Scheduling Software

Construction Management Scheduling Software such as SAM (The Superintendent’s Automated Manager) is a project management tool that allows easy collaboration and maximized efficiency. It streamlines the communication process between the construction manager, his team, and all contractors involved in order to sync their schedules and keep everyone updated.

Ideally, a project management scheduling software should also have quick reporting features that will allow easy tracking of project schedules, accomplishments, budget, estimates, etc.

It should also be easy to use , so that all involved key personnel will be able to easily understand and utilize it. In addition to this, the best construction management scheduling software should also allow for mobile use while also being compatible with your existing programs and software (such as accounting programs).

The Need

Anyone and everyone who has ever worked in construction knows that a single project alone involves a strict timeline, tight schedules, and tasks that need to be as detailed as possible. In addition to this, people have to be managed, contractors scheduled, deliveries and installations carefully executed, and paperwork settled– all within the contsraints of a limited budget. Multiply these by the number of projects you have going on at a single time and you get one very high-strung construction manager.

Who should use project management scheduling software?

Best construction project management scheduling software such as SAM is ideal for custom home builders, developers, construction management firms, engineering firms, and specialty contractors.

Enter SAM

SAM is a construction management scheduling software program designed specifically to make multiple project handling much simpler. It enables home construction managers to automatically work through a customized set of steps, while documenting the specifics of each project at each stage of construction. The end result is a home built on time, under budget, and up to your standards of excellence.

The History of SAM

SAM was designed and refined over a ten and a half year period on Excel by Danny LeBlanc, the current owner and CEO of Automated Trackers, whose building history covers a wide range of experience including residential track and custom homes, condos/apartments, and commercial construction. Danny wanted a reliable scheduling program that allowed him to build and manage the construction of projects, the way builders build. Prior to launch, Danny used the SAM prototype program to manage over 40 construction projects at one time.

Know more about SAM

To know more about what SAM does, check out this page OR you can also schedule your own free 30-day trial in order to see for yourself exactly how SAM can improve your business and increase your profits.

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