Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We have a goal to raise our J.D. Power and Associate rating this year. Can SAM help us achieve this goal?

A: Yes, with reduced build times and strict adherence to quality SAM creates a system of checks and balances and real time communication between upper management, corporate office, contractors, trades, vendors, and sales. Standards and increased customer interface, all of which result from effective project management, you’re sure to raise that score.

Q: We have a unique set of steps we use to build houses. In fact, it’s the secret of our success! Can we customize SAM to meet our needs?

A: Aspects of SAM are customizable. We’ll help you make the system work for you in a way that is uniquely yours.

Q: What kind of reports will I get to help me manage each project?

A: Typical reports are: Job Status Report, 10:00 Roll Call Report, Vendor Performance Report, & the Daily Activity Report.