Vendor's Information Console - VIC

What does it do?


VIC is a streamline super efficient software that allows vendors and trades to communicate directly with SAM-the Superintendent’s Automated Manager software and much more. With VIC you will:
  • save time and money
  • reduce time on phone
  • reduce time processing fax communications
  • reduce time processing email
  • have access to schedules
  • have documented confirmations or rejection of scheduled events

With VIC you will save time and money by reducing the amount of time spent on numerous phone calls and emails each day. The VIC software will provide detailed schedules to give your organization a complete tactical view of the work to be done

How does it work?

VIC is an internet based vendor and trade scheduling software. There is nothing to download. No valuable space taken up on your computer. You access it through our website via a user name and password. Immediately you’ll gain access to your schedule. You can begin to take control of your schedule and maximize your time. The builders will send you scheduling notices through SAM and you can respond, confirm, and decline scheduled jobs through VIC. When you click confirm or decline the activity will turn green or red on the builders schedule indicating that you’ve confirmed or declined the job. With VIC you’ll also have an interactive blog feature between you and the builders where you can request more information, request another date, or post general comments. With VIC you can project down the road and maximize your scheduling based on when you’re going to be in a certain community or part of town. You’ll also have access to scheduling and rescheduling notices at the tip of your fingers. No need to sort through numerous emails or faxes to find something; it is all there organized for you and easily available. You will also gain the ability to see upcoming work in the future that has not been scheduled with you yet. Using VIC is super easy! Quickly you will see that all levels of computer users can navigate the site with ease.