How to Realign Yourself in Order to Get Things Done

How big a procrastinator are you? Are you doing it right now? Is there too much on your plate lately? Are you finding it difficult to juggle the millions of tasks in your to-do list?

In this post, we’re going to talk about how to realign yourself (and your mind) in order to get things done. This week, to help you sort through your mental mess of never-ending tasks, we’re giving you a few simple questions that you need to ask yourself.

Who am I going to be today? 

Start every day with a simple meditation. This only needs a minute or two. Decide on who you want to become for the day. Do you want to be a driven drill sergeant, a compassionate counselor, an inspiring free-thinker, or an enterprising innovator? Whatever you decide will serve as your anchor for the day’s activities. This will influence your priorities and decision-making.

When the pressures of work deadlines are too much, a little bit of mental and emotional conditioning can go a a long way.

What am I committed to? 

Sometimes, the most effective way to get things done is to focus on the bigger picture. What is the outcome that you want to achieve? However, oftentimes we find ourselves saying, “Oh, I don’t have time for that.” The truth is, what you’re actually saying is that you are not committed to it. If there’s a will there’s a way right? We will always find time for the things that we are committed to.

A simple way to find out what you’re committed to is to look at the things that you spend the most time on. For example, how many hours a day do you spend on social media? If your answer is about 3 hours or more, then stop and reassess. Is it absolutely essential for you to be allocating 3 hours of your day for that?

What are the things that need to be done? 

It’s a simple enough question but it helps a lot in sorting out your head. As a tip, remember that you should always put the bigger picture within view. All of the smaller tasks should bring you toward the bigger goal. If all of the little things are bringing you down, try focusing on a big, rewarding goal that will inspire you to push forward.

What are the tools that I have at my disposal? 

Stop for aminute to think about your resources. Do you have an awesome team of hardworking people? Do you have valuable connections? Do you have the latest tech tools to speed up efficiency? Do you have the support of loving friends and/or family? Most of the time, our minds get so clogged up by things we need to do, that we tend to completely forget about the helpful things that we already have at our disposal. Find out what your weapons are and use them wisely. Maximize what’s already within reach. Remembering your strengths will not only motivate you, it will also help you to come up with brilliant solutions to your problems.

Speaking of tools that you can use to get things done, have you checked out SAM yet? It’s the Superintendent’s Automated Manager. Click this link to learn more about how it can help you to juggle up to 10 construction projects at once.

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