Superintendent’s Automated Manager - SAM

What does it do?

To some extent, every home you build follows the same steps as the previous ones. Then again, each has its own personality. A house to a homebuilder is like a boat to a fisherman. Each has a name and a personality and is treated like a loved one as they are guided down the path the homebuilder wishes them to take. Each house is a personal statement of that homebuilder. SAM is a construction management software program designed specifically to make that paradox work in your favor. It enables home construction managers to automatically work through a customized set of steps, while documenting the specifics of each project at each stage of construction. The end result is a home built on time, under budget, and to your standards of excellence. SAM provides valuable information for future efforts. Freed from much of the clerical work, which can take 90% of his time, the builder has more time to build houses and to interface with the client. What is your current actual build time by product? SAM provides real time data on project progression while interfacing with your current accounting system for internal billing and payment controls.

How does it work?

Each time you begin building a new home, with a point and click of the mouse, you download your previously customized template based on your identified critical path, purchase orders, “start” faxes, vendor and trade data, and tasks. As the home starts taking shape, SAM takes you step by step through the process, making it easy for you to complete tasks, input notes, communicate with vendors and trades, and make adjustments as needed. Communication breakdowns are identified on the spot so you can re-group and keep moving. Awareness and information minimize wasted trips and endless re-scheduling.