Builder Challenges and SAM Solutions

Picture-122LowResSAM is more than just a construction management software. SAM is a complete management solution for the building industry. Here are just some of the ways SAM can help you meet your home construction challenges: Challenge: We spend a lot of time in training, too much time, and we still don’t have the quality control we need to get the job done right every time. Actually, we don’t even know where to begin when it comes to training! SAM Solution: Most homebuilders place new employees with experienced ones to “learn the ropes”. The new employee learns how to build a “Tom” or “Bob” house but not how to build a house with your company’s consistent standards. SAM “connects classroom and site” so new project managers have a customized system for building a home at their fingertips, designed by the company and not by individuals and the equivalent of two years of training. Picture-135LowRes Challenge: We have a lot of turnovers due to rapid growth of the company and it’s a real effort to meet the challenge of people transferring from one project to another. How can we make it easier for someone to efficiently step into and begin managing a project? SAM Solution: SAM providesless human error with optimal standardization. Every house is built using the same customized steps and controls that earned your reputation and caused your rapid growth in the first place. Bonus! Your customized SAM becomes your new training outline! Challenge: I need to know when deliveries have been made and payment has occurred. SAM Solution: SAM will provide a complete scheduling of the overall view of every action that occurs in the customized building process. The superintendent or project manager will know where they at any point in the process, which activities have been scheduled or completed, and which ones are overdue. Picture-116LowRes Challenge: I’m kind of an old school guy used to a clipboard and pencil and not too good with computers. SAM Solution: SAM is simple to use. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll feel just as comfortable with it as you do now with your clip-board and note pad. Challenge: I don’t have the information I need to evaluate schedule delays. Are we having problems at the same point in each project, or with the same vendor? Why does it take this builder 90 days to build a 2609 plan and another builder 120 days to build the same plan? SAM Solution: Project managers can input notes all along the way. Vendor experiences, variances in the quality of materials, and other information are archived for future analysis. Seeing a pattern? Now you can pinpoint with accuracy exactly at what stage and why cycle times are increased. (Note: SAM requires an explanation when changing cycle times.) The report creates an unbiased report as to where the problem lies, with the vendor or the superintendent. Think of it as your new R and D department.