The Better Construction Manager: Why You Should Stay Organized

What Makes a Good Construction Project Manager?

A single home construction entails hundreds, if not thousands, of tasks. No task is too big or too small. Everything has to be done on time – in a way that is best for both the homeowner and the contractor. And when several projects happen at the same time, chaos can break loose if you’re not prepared for the challenge.

So wait, how can you be prepared? What separates the best construction managers from the lousy ones? The answer lies in one word- Organization. Being organized.

Benefits of Being Organized

But why is it important again? Why can’t we just wing everything and let the dice fall where they may? To remind you, we’re listing down the top benefits of staying organized.

Focus – An organized person removes clutter, distractions, and hindrances. Basically, anything that isn’t helpful gets put away in its proper place. The result? Laser-focus. Once you declutter, whether it’s your work desk, email inbox, tools cabinet or your mind, it’s much easier to think. It’s easier to focus on the task at hand, as well as the bigger goal.

Double Productivity – You can even triple it! With less time and mental resources wasted, you will have more time for more important tasks. You will have more brainpower left to properly delegate your team, think of solutions to pressing issues, or even stay ahead and craft effective contingencies.


Positive Business Image – Who would you rather work with: a frazzled project manager or a calm one who is always on top of his or her projects? If your team sees you being all organized and in charge, they will be inspired to follow suit. Clients who see how organized you are will also correlate it with professionalism. This can roll over to positive recommendations which can lead to more projects.

Lower Stress Levels – A clean desk, an organized calendar of activities, a carefully planned week, teammates who know exactly what they need to do, and more time on your hands… all of these equate to less stress! An organized manager is not only more successful, he or she is also much happier. Hey, if there’s a way to delay the onset of more wrinkles, we’re all game for that!

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