5 Reasons Why Planning & Scheduling are Important

The Two Go Hand in Hand

A smart business owner knows that planning and scheduling are crucial to success. In fact, these two activities form the basis for almost all processes and activities in the company. That’s why it’s important for you to take the time to learn why exactly these two are important to any builder who wants to level up.

Planning and scheduling go hand in hand. They need each other in order to achieve maximum results. Planning may involve creating a business plan, setting goals for the year, or listing down tasks that need to be done. When you plan, you map out your next course of action.

But of course, step two involves setting a timeline. It’s not enough to identify what needs to be done. It’s equally important to figure out when these things need to be accomplished. This is where scheduling comes in. When we talk about scheduling, we’re dealing with specific dates and specific timeframes.

So for planning and scheduling, it’s all about laying out the what’s, the how’s, the why’s, and the when’s.

Now let’s look at the benefits:

1. Goals Become More Achievable

It’s easy to say that you want your revenue to double. But we all know that it’s far easier said than done. However, if you’re prepared with a solid plan and a realistic schedule, your goals will suddenly be more tangible. Now you can see the exact baby steps needed to get to your destination.

2. It Keeps Your Costs Down

Planning and scheduling allow you to stick within a budget. This is especially true for builders who deal with different types of personnel- some of whom are on a contractual, weekly, or even daily wage. Without a careful plan and timeline, you will definitely go over-budget.

3. They Prepare You for Unexpected Problems

A good plan should also identify the possible risks and challenges. When you’re properly organized, it’s easier to predict the problems that may pop up during a project. Thus, it’s much easier to craft contingencies.

4. Everyone is on the Same Page

With a carefully crafted plan and schedule, you can get every member of your team on the same page. Expectations are clear and roles are clearly defined. Each team and team member knows when their part begins and ends. Target dates of completion for each segment is disseminated to everyone. Basically, everybody knows their part. This means less stress for you!

5. Progress is Easier to Track

Once you’ve determined your goals and tasks, together with its corresponding schedule, it’s easier to determine where your company currently stands. Progress tracking is possible since you now have benchmarks to compare with.

Planning and Scheduling Made Easy

We know that planning for each project, let alone planning for the entire company can be a very daunting task. And let’s face it, scheduling and getting everyone synchronized can be a pain. That’s why we’re making it easier for you with SAM- The Superintendent’s Automated Manager.

Try it today for free, or maybe watch our online tutorial first. Either way, there’s plenty to gain, and nothing to lose!

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