5 Common Project Management Mistakes

Handling a single project is a challenge on its own, but the truth is, we’re often juggling several build projects at the same time. That means multiple challenges, multiple risks, and multiple headaches! Today, we’re identifying some of the most common mistakes in project management as well as a few tips on how to avoid these costly predicaments.

1. Micromanagement – Too Much DIY

If you’re a perfectionist, it’s hard to let go of all the reins. Micromanagement is never a good thing because it not only stunts the growth of your team members, it also takes you away from doing other high-level tasks.

THE SOLUTION: Proper Work Delegation

Chances are, you’re not a one-man team. A good leader knows how to evenly distribute the work among his members. Choose the right people for the right tasks and brief them accordingly. Afterwards, give them room to do their thing and get yourself busy in doing higher-level management duties (such as closing new deals).

2. Not Assigning the Right Person to the Right Task

Problems can also arise if you don’t do proper work delegation. And by this we mean, you’re not familiar with the skills and experiences of your employees. Your cabinet and wardrobe guy may not be able to do what your expert painter can do. The same goes for your accountants, clerks, and back-office personnel.

THE SOLUTION: Know Your People

Take time to know the skill set of each employee in your team. What have they done in the past? What are they good at? What tasks will they be most effective in? This will save you a lot of headaches.

3. Failing to Get Everyone Behind the Project 

When soldiers are not rallying behind a single goal, they’re bound to lose almost all of their battles. The same goes for your projects. When you don’t have the support of all the departments and individuals involved in your projects, failure is almost a certainty.

THE SOLUTION: Get Everyone on the Same Page

Call for a meeting that all concerned people should attend. Here, do a presentation about the project overview, goals, and timeline. You should also detail how you expect each person to participate in making things happen.

4. Lack of Regular and Streamlined Communication

Communication is the most important factor for successful project management. If you don’t communicate regularly with all stakeholders, people are likely to lose focus, get lost in updates, and basically end up uncoordinated.

THE SOLUTION: Establish an Effective System for Sharing Information

Aside from holding regular meetings, it’s important to find a communication, management, and tracking system that everyone is familiar with. You need a standardized method of disseminating project updates- something that everybody can easily access and understand. Something that can be accessed no matter where they are.

5. Not Having a System in Place for Approving and Tracking Changes

Projects are always prone to change. Deadlines get pushed back or even moved earlier. Tasks multiply in the blink of an eye. Clients change their minds all the time! If the members of your team aren’t informed about about critical updates in a timely fashion, problems will surely arise.

THE SOLUTION: Streamline Project Updates Using SAM

Project management doesn’t have to be so hard. With SAM- the Superintendent’s Automated Manager, you can easily manage multiple projects at a time without breaking a single sweat.

This revolutionary project scheduling system and task manager is used by top builders today for handling multiple projects simultaneously regardless of the project’s size.

SAM’s Features Include: 

  1. Simplification of the training process by allowing new hires to get up to speed quickly
  2. Real-time mobile reporting and project management, accessible via smartphones and tablets
  3. Easy-to-use scheduling features, instant timeline alerts and task synchronization
  4. Quick and seamless integration with existing accounting programs and other building software
  5. The ability to keep permanent track of vendors, suppliers and performance

So your Project Managers are always on-site? No problem! SAM allows your PM’s to be organized and on-track wherever they are thanks to mobile capabilities. With a few simple clicks they can easily update the entire team about changes in the schedule, suppliers or to-do list.


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