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Why Construction Fails to Keep Up with Other Industries

We’ve seen industries jump leaps and bounds in terms of profit, scale and growth. However, the construction industry seems to be on a slower progress compared to others. Why is that? Why are we lagging behind? Let’s dive in. Apart from labor shortages, increasing regulations and problems in lot availability, there is one issue that leaves the entire construction industry behind the dust of other fast-growing industries. That issue is productivity. 

In an interview with Fortune magazine, Brendan Bechtel, President and COO of global construction giant Bechtel, said that “stagnant productivity levels in construction” are one of the things that haunt him at night. According to a recent World Economic Forum study, productivity gains in the construction industry have been “meager” when compared with the advancements of other industries in the last 50 years. The study further states that the lack of significant productivity advancements is costing the industry billions of dollars each year.

The study said that reducing construction costs by even just 1% through productivity improvements would save the construction industry approximately $100 billion each year. That’s a serious amount of cash! However, the study also pointed out that another challenge in productivity is the “fractured” aspects of construction. It said that these fractured and segmented operational processes would in fact, negate whatever benefits would be brought about by new technological advancements.

The Lack of Collaboration and Cooperative Efforts

Experts say that one of the key reasons on why productivity in construction is declining, is the inherently combative nature of construction today. The functions and goals of architects, engineers and contractors often clash, and most of the time, they are separate entities that don’t work with each other right at the get-go. For example, your house will be designed by your chosen architect, checked by a different engineer, built by a separate company- which often has people that they just contracted as well. All of these individuals have to claw their way into getting heard, and for their ideas not to get junked. Instead of a smooth relationship, what you have are adversaries that try to out-win each other. It’s a highly individualistic environment. It’s a system that is not at all designed for effectiveness nor efficiency. Collaboration is forced when it should be the norm.

Intimidated by Technology

Another hurdle to work efficiency is the aversion of construction veterans to technology. A lot of seasoned professionals (Construction Managers, Site Inspectors, Supervisors, etc.) are not proficient in using desktops, laptops, mobile tablets, and smartphones. These are the people with the most impact to project efficiency. The ones who are directly out in the field.
It’s a known fact that a lot of the advancements in productivity these days are brought about by new technology, whether it be for communication, collaboration, or documentation. But unfortunately, what we have is an industry that is slow to change, slow to trust, and slow to adapt. And if your critical personnel are not up to date, and hesitant to changing how things get done, you can expect that growth and speed will indeed be stunted.


Get Comfortable, Get Mobile

The time for easing your way into technology has passed. What the industry needs is to radically integrate tech into your everyday processes. Have a serious talk with your key people and educate them about how construction programs, mobile apps, and even social media can make their jobs easier. Let them see how it would lessen their headaches and speed up their build-times. We can’t stay dinosaurs in the information age. In order for construction to keep up, we have to shake things up.

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5 Tips to Become a Strong, Go-Getting Leader


Before we proceed with this article, take a minute to stop and think about where your construction company is right now. How many projects do you currently have on-going? How many permanent employees do you have? How much is the company earning and spending on a monthly basis? You get the picture.

Okay, now that you’ve done that. Let’s move on with how you can become a stronger go-getter who can lead your construction company to success. This important because as the leader of your construction firm, much of its direction and success has to originate from you.

But here’s the clincher, you can’t be successful at something if you’re not clear with what you want. So let’s cure that with these 5 tips on how you can get exactly what you want for your company.

1. Picture what success is going to look like

Start envisioning. Get it clear in your mind what it is that you really want for your business. How many projects do you want for this year? What would the implications be if you were to add more hires? Draft our your metrics for success. The more you clarify this, the easier it will be to achieve.

2. Write it down

Don’t just store these metrics in your head. Write them down. In fact, you can even share them with trusted advisors or key personnel. Getting it out of your head will result in accountability.

3. Gauge your current power and control

It’s always a good thing to remember just what it is that you already have power over. List down the specific areas that you can readily act on or control. Make an inventory of your current manpower and network. Review your finances. You can’t be a superhero if you don’t know what powers you have in your arsenal. Knowing this will often make it easier for you to plan out exactly how to achieve the goals you’ve set.

4. Tackle adversity head-on

If you really want to achieve your vision, you will immediately try to solve the problems and overcome the challenges. Avoiding is just procrastination, and it’s precious time that you’re wasting. Face the people who have opinions  that differ from yours and you’ll probably get some valuable insight from them. Define the obstacles that are blocking your way so you can effectively craft a solution ASAP.

5.Be persistent

You’ve set your vision. You’ve written down your goals. You’re ready to pounce on those obstacles. Now it’s time to be focused and persistent. Hold on to those dreams and don’t hold back. Be passionate about your goals. Think it, speak it, live it and breathe it. Your passion will surely trickle down to the team, once they see how dedicated you are.

If people know what your goals are, more often than not, they will more inclined to help you achieve them.

Oh and as a last note, please do your best to still fight fair and do honest business. One of your main goals should always be to provide the best service for your clientele. After all, you’re in the business of building not just houses, but also homes.

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Relationship-Building and Networking for 2016


As 2015 draws to a close, it’s time to look back and think about the things that you could do better for next year. For most entrepreneurs and professionals in general, it’s networking and relationship-building. In order to boost your career, you need to make valuable connections with people. The person you introduced yourself to may not be your next investor, client or business partner, but he may know someone who might be. Have you ever heard about the 6-degrees of separation?

So today, we’re listing down 4 refreshing yet simple tips on how you can expand your network for 2016.

1. Don’t be lazy. Attend it!

We can always come up with a dozen excuses on why we shouldn’t attend events, but the thing is, there are also a LOT of reasons on why you should go! So go ahead and attend that meeting, that industry meet-up, that conference, that workshop, that general membership meeting. Sign up, send your RSVP, and get moving. You won’t meet new people if you stay in your own little box.

2. Be genuine.

It’s so easy to spot someone who’s only pretending to be interested in what you’re saying. We can all smell a contrived sales pitch from miles away. So please, stop pretending and try to be as genuine as possible. You can still say something about your company or your agenda, but mix it with sincerity and actual interest in what the other person has to say as well. Don’t hog the conversation. Share the air-time and let each other shine. Remember, putting your best foot forward can entail honesty and sincerity too!

3. Don’t rush it.

There will be moments when you’ll meet a possible mentor or maybe a potential investor. You strike up a good conversation and see sparks fly. But then you feel sad because they don’t call you back or they haven’t responded to your emails yet. Don’t worry. While some professional relationships take off at once, others take time to build. A few may not even happen. But we’re not looking for an instant lotto win here. The goal is to install a system in you. Where you constantly build relationships with key people. Where you are confident in sharing your story and giving value to others.

4. Gold may already be around you.

Sometimes, you don’t even have to look to far! Try to study your existing network and rummage for potential relationships. You may already know a colleague with an inspiring story. An acquaintance may have already adopted a new IT system that you want to try out for your company. A gym buddy may be the gate-keeper to that person that you want to get know. Don’t have any regrets. Don’t neglect the potential relationships with people in your close proximity.

These 4 tips that we shared above are not rocket science. Keep attending events. Be genuine. Take your time. Look around you. People are a great source of knowledge. And the beauty of it is that, once you’ve built real, genuine, professional relationships, it will allow itself to expand and strengthen if you play your cards right!

So make that decision to be more outgoing and genuine in 2016. Your business will surely thank you for it!