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6 Benefits of Building Modular Homes

Another building trend that has caught up in the past few years is Modular Homes. But before anything else, let’s do a quick review of what a modular building is. Modular buildings comprise of individual sections, called “modules” which are fited together in a pre-planned order. Think of them like modern lego pieces that snap into place. These modules are fabricated off-site in a manufacturing plant, built according to the exact specifications in which they will be assembled. Once the modules are ready, they are individually transported to the construction site, and then fitted together step by step.


So why would you consider adding modular buildings in your portfolio? Here are a few benefits to consider:

1. Speed

Constructing modular buildings can actually reduce your “time to occupancy” by as much as 50%. The build process is much faster because the off-site fabrication of modules can be done simultaneously with the onsite excavation, foundation installation, and any other site infrastructure setup. Usually, upon delivery of the modules, they are immediately set on the foundation and seamed together with ease.

2. Resource and Energy Efficiency

Builders of modular units swear that this method is a lot more resource efficient compared to traditional construction. It reduces energy consumption during the building process itself (up to 67%) and at the same time, also reduces energy costs for its occupants. Modular homes are also known to be eco-friendly: usually incorporating solar panels, geothermal systems (instead of traditional HVAC systems) and so on.

There are even varieties of modular homes that can be disassembled and then transplanted into a new location. There’s also no such thing as demolitions when it comes to modular homes, they are simply dismantled and reassembled according to the liking of the new owners. Talk about going green!

3. Tax Benefits

Loans taken to build or buy modular homes are often tax deductible. Even modular building purchases made without loans are tax deductible. In addition to this, when building a modular home, if you install solar panels, solar water heaters, wind turbines or geothermal systems, you can write off 30 percent of the cost of each of these systems in your taxes.

4. Durability

When done right, modular buildings can be more durable than a conventional construction build. Screws are used instead of nails, and joints are reinforced with a special glue to maintain structural integrity during transport and after set-up. In addition to this, 20% more lumbar is used in the construction of a typical modular home, which adds to its stability. And to add to that, modular wall panels are often built with durable materials that require little maintenance apart from occasional surface cleaning. Unlike with typical walls, repainting and repairs are often not needed.

5. Flexibility

Conventional buildings can be difficult to extend. Modular homes on the other hand are easier to modify. Need an additional room? Want to extend the kids’ room? In dire need of a new workshop? With modular home construction, this can be done faster and in a much cheaper way.

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6. Healthier Build

Since most of the pre-fabrication process happens indoors in a climate-controlled environment, your men’s work is no longer affected by weather changes. This also means less problems with mold, mildew and on-site dust. Ergo, less respiratory problems. It’s also good for the environment since you are not contributing to outdoor trash and air pollution.

In the end, our goal remains the same- to provide great homes for our clients. What do you think? Are you ready to explore the concept of modular homes?

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