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7 Surprising Facts About Working in Teams

No man is an island! At one point or another, we’ve all been part of a working team. But today, we’re sharing some team-related facts that may surprise you. Jot these down because we all know that excellent and highly-efficient teams are essential to any builder’s business.

1. The ideal team size is somewhere between 5 and 9

According to studies, the most ideal team size is between 5 to 9 people. Some people assume that any problem can be fixed by adding more people to a team, but the truth is, larger team sizes actually adds more challenges to the project.

2. Too much “good chemistry” actually makes teams less effective

When the members of a team are too comfortable or familiar with each other, the entire team tends to fall into predictable ruts. Having a good working relationship is not bad. But having a team with members that are too similar to each other, or have similar ways of thinking is not good either. For best results, promote diversity in culture and ways of thinking.

3. The most effective teams don’t have “leaders”

A team works best when its members listen and talk in equal measure. If one of the members takes control and starts to dominate the discussion, resentment arises in the other members. Nobody likes a dictator.

4. Managers are still important though!

However, since diverse teams tend to get more creative, they do need a manager whose full-time job is to facilitate discussions and help the entire team to work together in harmony.

5. Small teams will outperform solo geniuses

It’s the same concept with basketball. A team with 5 members who are all in top-notch shape and performance will likely outperform another team who relies on just one superstar player. Brilliant people work best when working with others, especially when they are all equally brilliant.

6. Creative abrasion is a good thing

Teams thrive best when there is a bit of creative abrasion. By this we mean, healthy conflict. It’s a good sign when there are a lot of great ideas flying around. You just have to ensure that these conflicts don’t get personal and that each side gets to point out their reasons and rationale.

7. Mixed-age teams are better than that with a homogenized age range

Despite the stereotype that youthful energy trumps all practical business experience, having a mixed-age team is actually more ideal. This way, you will get people with various work experiences, skill sets, and ways of thinking. It’s a great way to start that delightful creative abrasion.

Remember, on top of all these, there should always be good communication among your team members. Regardless of team size, age, or skill set, without good communication and proper work delegation, the team will crumble in the blink of any eye.

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